What we are planning to do

Meah Foundation strives to provide academic supports as well as supports towards the overall well being of our students. The following are the 10 activities through which we are building a confident and healthy student body, which will be ready to meet the future global challenges:

  • Endowments of 25 merit-based scholarships to hard-working yet needy students.
  • Higher education supports are provided to qualified students through extended financial aid program after high school graduation.
  • Financial supports are provided for private mentoring on a case-by-case basis.
  • Computer training is provided to 25 students all year around.
  • Full-time academic counseling is provided to all student scholars.
  • Annual debate completion is held to uplift student morale.
  • As part of extracurricular activities, students participate in annual picnic where various sports events are held.
  • Full medical service is provided to all eligible student scholars.
  • Fresh water is provided to student scholars ensuring good heath and life.
  • Vitamin supplements and other health related tips are provided all year around to student scholars.