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Fulfill Lifelong Dream of a Teacher Who Envisioned Free Education System in Bangladesh

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At Meah Foundation, our sole purpose is to ignite the untapped potential of Bangladeshi students. We find it very difficult to believe that Bangladeshi students who have talents and capabilities to do something great in their lives have to sit back for the lack of money. Therefore, Meah Foundation is committed to providing academic aids to students so that money is the last thing they need to worry about.

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In honor of my late father Awal Meah, who was not only a former teacher in his home town of Noakhali in Bangladesh, but who was also a kind hearted and compassionate person I am bringing a dream of his to reality.

During my father’s long and difficult battle with kidney disease we spent many hours together talking about everything under the sun from family, to legacy, to love, to passion. It was during this time that I knew I had to continue part of my father’s passion and create a legacy that would not only withstand the test of time but would also positively affect those back in our home town of Noakhali, Bangladesh.

You see my father had a great deal of passion for providing for the younger generation of Bangladesh in the form of a no cost education to the less fortunate youth. Unlike some other places around the globe and here in our new home of America a basic education is a basic right, however in Noakhali without the proper finances the youth cannot continue their education in the local school system.

Awal Meah’s vision was for a Foundation that would help provide the economic support for the under privileged back home so that it will inspire the younger generation to pursue their dreams and achieve a career in the future . Being able to provide these basic educational essentials to these children and their families was something that my father and now I believe must be done.

With great honor I am now completing his dream. I AHM Rahim , President / director of charity organization , has come together
with a team of great Friends/volunteers in creating the Meah Foundation. Established in 2015 with only three members and five students, who continuously added great work into the organization we began laying the ground work for this great cause.

Since the Meah foundation started we have had 15 students over the years benefit from our donations, and Our foundation has had an impact as more students are steeping into a place to make a difference in their lives. Along with continued community support and outreach our donations have steadily grown and we intend to continue this trend to allow brighter futures to flood the lands of Noakhali Bangladesh.

Our Current & Future Plans

These all are the programs we are currently doing or planning to do in future.

Financial Aid

Continue to provide financial aids to 12 brilliant students for the duration of 2015-2016 academic year.


Increase the number of scholarship recipients in 2016-2017 academic year 25 Students.

Helping More Students

We are planning to reach out to new schools and madrashas with financial help so that new needs are met.

Our Recent Works

Special Thanks to

Anisul Hoque
Anisul HoqueFinance Director
Chad Greiner
Chad GreinerAdvisor
Kevin Kalemba
Kevin KalembaAdvisor
Mohmad ‍Saeed Tapkirwala
Mohmad ‍Saeed TapkirwalaAdvisor
Shahnaz Appiah
Shahnaz AppiahOperation Co-Ordinator
Syed Samiul Elahi
Syed Samiul ElahiOperation Co-Ordinator
Shorab Hossain Babar
Shorab Hossain BabarOperation Co-Ordinator

Donor Reviews

” It is always a pleasure to be able to help someone in some sort of way. I am glad I had the opportunity to do so through Meah Foundation organization. Education matters a lot and Meah Foundation doing a phenomenal job helping the unprivileged students with great talents and to motivate them to become successful in their future. I wish the Meah Foundation Organization great success for their immense hard and positive work towards the society. ” – Md. Shakhawat Ullah

I am extremely glad that I got the opportunity to be part of Meah Foundation. Late respected Mr. Awal Meah was like a grandfather figure for me and he treated me as one of his grandchildren as well. He was an honest and loving individual. I have learned a lot from him. It is unfortunate that he is no longer with us but his dreams remain alive through Meah Foundation. It will be my pleasure to do something for him through this organization and get his blessings upon me. Also doing something for others would be a great satisfaction.”

Umme S. Tasnim

This is an excellent non-profit organization with practical future goals. I have personally known the management. They are working diligently to make the future of Bangladeshi children brighter by providing academic scholarships and school supplies.

Syed Samiul Elahi

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